This first week we are just getting back into our routines and it is import to KEEP MOVING! This is a home fitness test we will repeat at the end too. Caution – its harder than it looks! 

 Part 1:

4 Rounds for Reps:

(Perform each exercise for 1 minutes, rest 30 seconds between exercises. Keep a tally of your reps as you go!)

Jumping Jacks

Air Squats


Mountain Climbers (R+L=1)

Supermans (https://youtu.be/z6PJMT2y8GQ)

 Part 2:

Complete 5 mins of a Wall Sit. Every time you have to take a break, hold plank for 30s. Keep track of how many time you have to complete the set in order to complete the 5 min wall sit. Basically how many planks did you have to do?

*Complete this workout during Week 1 (by 1/13/2018) and post your scores in the comments!*