This week we have 2 Challenge Workouts!

#1) 30 minute Run/Jog/Walk for distance

#2) 100 Jump Squats for time

*Complete these workouts during Week 1 (by 9/10/2017) and post your time in the comments!*



If you have to stop and walk, try and do some intervals like 30 seconds running then 30 seconds walking. Just keep pushing your self. Score is the distance you make it in 30 minutes!

Jump Squats

Starting with your feet hip width and parallel (toes slightly turned out), send your butt back with the weight in your heels and bring your thighs parallel to the floor or below. Exploding through your heels, rise out of your squat into a jumping position with your hips extended. Upon landing, go back down into your next squat.