Be Fit

Active and Static

HIIT with Static Holds In this workout, we combine an active movement with a static hold. Try...

Be Informed


What are Macros? Macros, or Macronutrients, are types of food that are required in large amounts...

Be Healthy

Be Motivated

Be Victorious EVERY Day!

Think and focus on all your successes each and every day, no matter how small they may be. Did you...


Wake with purpose and intent
Always show up
BELIEVE anything is possible
WORK for it

About Me

laceygirls.Hi!  I’m Lacey.  Thank you for visiting Molerfit!

My focus is active living, clean eating, and helping others achieve their fitness goals. I try to encourage and empower others to turn their excuses into solutions. I coach and inspire you to take control of your lifestyle by sharing my tools and strategies for your healthiest self!